Friday, May 11, 2012

why islam ?

Well why we should choose any religion ? why we should believe in something bigger than us?
i just want you to think a minute , what if there is really hell and heaven, what if one of the religion only one say the truth, that truth will be bigger and more important than life it self, because life is temporary, but the after life is permanent, it's the infinity.
Well one day, i and you, we going to die. imagine your self in hell or heaven for the infinity.  infinity is more than the number of drop in the ocean and more than the number of sand grain  in the desert, well i knwo that you knwo what is infinity ;)
Do you want to take this risk ?
I will not tell you that islam is the truth, i will let you discover it.
I just want you to think. study all religions. and study islam and use your logic and brain to choose what is the best.
which i know that in the end we will find that is islam.
In following posts i will try to introduce islam , so follow this blog or search on islamic web site.

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